How does it taste?

We developed our products on their ability to aid your recovery. Most people like the taste, only a few love it. At no point did we decided that taste should be more important than effectiveness - so every ingredient that's in there has a chosen role in restoration. This means we want them to make you stronger, faster, clearer and more able in your chosen pursuit, all the while putting your health and longevity first. If you are into milkshakes and hiding from hard work, this isn't for you. If you prefer taste over health or efficacy, this isn't for you either. Our products work as hard as you do.

I can get protein cheaper, right?

You can save your pennies and buy some cheaper gear. However, experientially we have found that quality matters - and we weren't willing to compromise on that. so the quality of ingredients came before the price on the ingredients we put in the product. Furthermore, we are the only company using efficacious ingredients doses - meaning we don't put a bees dick of the expensive stuff in there, and fill the bag up with the cheap stuff... we put the amount that your body actually needs to feel the effects. If you would like proof then we are 100% transparent and traceable - the first supplement company to do this for you. Join us in our revolution against shoddy products with cost cutting methods and toxic fillers (on and off the stated ingredient list), for us and for you. That means we spend what we need to spend to meet our requirements. Remember, we take it to.

What's with the glucose?

Whilst generally speaking, we are advocates of a phytonutrient dense, clean animal and plant protein, high essential fatty acid eating regimen (check out our Free Food Guide & Seasonal Eating Plan), there is solid and compelling research supporting the use of glucose at the appropriate time for restoring you depleted glycogen sores and managing your hormonal signature post training. Take it immediately after exertion and you get a 'grace' period where you don't diminish your insulin sensitivity or inhibit your growth hormone.

why such a big scoop?

Let's be honest, 30 grams was and is never going to cut it. Science has shown us that 10 ingredients (individually picked and combined for their restorative properties) in effective doses (none of this massive ingredient list with a 15th of a teaspoon bullshit) ended up coming in at a 90 gram scoop. Plain and simple.

What does synergistic mean?

The synergistic aspect of Red Hippo is the use of ingredients which mutually boost the other's beneficial properties. We have aimed at thinking as broadly as possible, meaning when we place an ingredient (i.e. hemp) in a product, we then look a little further and experiment with how to best get that hemp utilised.  We then come up with a number of delivery molecules and look at possible whole food sources of these. We experiment with sulfur to full that role at the moment, as it has several regenerative properties for your liver. So, by this line of thinking and design, Red Hippo products are greater than the sum of it's parts.