Sourcing Medicinal Mushrooms

Providing whole food health supplements of the highest quality means finding top notch sources for each ingredient. When trying to source some of our more obscure ingredients, such as Cordycep Mushrooms, it has been incredibly eye opening as to just how unavailable information and statistics are on both the products and how they have been made.

Cordyceps have a huge amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest their ability in aiding sports performance, and it is currently getting coverage within the anti-aging communities for its association with longevity. It is the most widely reviewed “adaptogen” on the market, which made it an easy choice for us when we were looking for an ingredient to help people deal with the stresses of daily life, as well as high training loads.

In saying all of this, Cordycep Mushrooms are traditionally from China. Yep, China… an immediate red flag for both sourcing and consuming unfortunately. From our experience so far, people aren’t comfortable with consuming produce sourced from China and we can completely understand this apprehension.

After some extensive googling using a myriad of different key words and mushroom names, we have finally found a supplier of Cordycep Mushrooms that is not from China. Furthermore, Mushroom Harvest, a company based in the USA, provide Certified Organic Mushrooms! This alone is extremely high on our sourcing checklist as it represents a high level of dedication on behalf of the grower due to the extensive and costly process to become certified.

Mushroom Harvest are completely transparent and 100% dedicated to providing clean, high quality mushrooms. Their growing and production policies are very stringent, with the aim of always adding value to the product and never detracting from it’s natural magnificence. Due to bioavailability and stability issues with growing mushrooms, Mushroom Harvest employ a steam activation process to enhance the products efficacy as well as its quality.

We are incredibly grateful to be supporting and supported by companies like Mushroom Harvest, as they’re an integral link in the chain for empowering individual health and performance, as well as an ethical food industry that values both the environment and quality.