How does the AMPK blend make you lean?

How does the AMPK blend make you lean?

We’re glad you asked. With a name like AMPK you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re not targeting the ‘megaripped1000’ demographic – more so a demographic of informed, health conscious people. Basically, anything that purports to make you lose weight without appropriate training and lifestyle accompaniment should be viewed with caution. Please review our video’s and articles on the fact that FAT is a symptom of dysfunction.

Put in broader terms:

One stores fat when their body is either under some form of attack; stress, toxins, EMF (electro-magnetic frequency), physical inactivity, physical over-activity, hormone imbalance, inadequate light and other biorhythmic errors (stay tuned for our new website coming next month, it’ll contain a free offering on biorhythms, what they are and how to get yours in order) OR thinks it’s under some form of attack. The second point there is why we stress the point of communication between your physical domains in a body composition altering campaign). Either way, it’s ‘defensive’ in it’s nature. The quickest way to make biology defensive (think YOUR biochemical make up as a human being, basically whether you are healthy or not), is to cut off it’s basic energy supply – in a human this is mitochondrial sufficiency. Fat is one manifestation of this – pathology of other domains, via or not via obesity are just as common. Either way, you are not being the best version of yourself.

Ok – solution time. We have plenty of material on biorhythms, training, kinaesthetic function, breathing, mindfulness, nutrition and much more. We are obviously not trying to build a unilateral case for our products. One of our products will, however, help you in this campaign (to make you lean)

Here’s how the AMPK pathway- a pathway in your brain- stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis (growth) and health. It upregulates the PGC-1a pathway.. The ingredients we have used for the AMPK blend up-regulate the AMPK pathway.

If you want to streamline this process – bearing in mind that when you master these processes, you wont yo-yo or relapse etc… when you’re healthy, you’re healthy… not in some limbo between looking semi healthy and looking semi bad… Then do this: When you purchase your AMPK blend – grab the 7 day example program that is offered with the launch of the new website, coming early May. It will step you through what to eat, when to eat, when to use AMPK, how to use it, when to train, what to train, when to fast and when to relax. For those of you purchasing this month please email us and we’ll send out the offering to you individually when it goes live. It will work. Permanently. Unless you decide to use the mTOR that is..