The whole '30 grams of protein' story


Picture this, you've just demolished Ron Burgundy's favourite workout, 1001 bicep curls, and now your focus turns to replacing your glycogen stores, ingesting some protein, and relaxing the system. At this point, you pull out your industry standard 30 gram scooper and dig in to a single serve of powder. And, that's the end of this story!

… Not quite. The numbers simply don't add up. Ninety hellish minutes of training demands a lot more respect than an eclectic 30 gram mix of powder. To put it simply, training creates inflammation within our bodies, and to add to this inflammation with a poor choice for your restoration formula, is only going to create a further deficit for your body to recover from. And, at the rate we are training, we don't have time to be willingly pushing our bodies in to a state of extreme fatigue.

Here's how we see it. A full serve of the Red Hippo Elite blend is 90 grams. Each ingredient in this mix is independently researched to provide us with the information that allows for an efficacious dose IN EACH SERVE. This means that each ingredient in every serve of Red Hippo will have an effect within your body. We have married the concepts of recovery and health to get your body ready for another session as quickly as possible. For example, the science shows that combining protein and glucose is far more effective than there use in isolation. Similarly, the uptake of turmeric is dependant on the presence of a fat medium such as pumpkin seeds. A combination is key here. It you work hard, respect that grind and pay homage to your handwork by honouring your bodies need to recover.


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