Hydration - a fresh look at staying sweaty this summer

Everyone knows that you need to be hydrated to train and recover right? Well, we’re not going to patronise you with the same old information that you know and probably don't do. So, here’s a few things that may inspire you to be a bit different with your hydration practise:

1. Fluoride will impair your ability to enjoy life. It doesn't help your teeth. It does calcify your pineal gland making you fat and unappreciative of life beauty and it will bind to aluminium in our air and soil to become carcinogenic. Do yourself a favour and get filtered water.

2. Drinking 1.5-2 L first thing in the morning is one of the best things you’ll change in your life. It'll balance your pH better than your green smoothie will. It'll ensure your GIT functions as it ought to, a nutrient assimilator and waste exporter. It’ll enhance your immune system, make you more parasympathetic (when your cortisol is at its highest in the morning) and hydrate you so you become in touch with what your body REALLY needs in the way of food and nutrition!

3. Water is Polar - this means, in chemical terms, it can lend itself to balancing your pH whichever way it may stray. This, combined with breathing, should be ample to keep you healthy on that acidic/alkaline level.

4. Add bicarb soda and celtic sea salt to your water after training to expedite the process of your body rallying to replenish its stores and return to homeostasis via super compensation.

Stay hydrated, stay sweaty!