Write Your Own Program Pt.2 - Periodization

training periodization

Righto, now you've got some framework for up-skilling your training with the appropriate use of periodisation, lets buff it out with some important details! Remember, if your planning is random, you'll get random results AND you'll be less present in your workouts from the lack of that underlying comfort you get from structure! Let's be clear, just because it's structured doesn't mean its not fluid and flexible.

As promised, the main difference between block periodisation and conventional periodisation is how specific the work is in the periods where you're working. For example, block periodisation focuses on the concentrated load of one or a few types of training in its MESOCYCLE to get maximally stressed in that type + adequate restoration = maximum adaptation for that type of fitness. Conventional, popularised by Tudor Bompa, uses multiple energy systems in conjunction with each other in an ever increasing undulating load/rest until goals are met. You are welcome to pick either, but this is what we recommend:

* Starting out with fitness or movement - Conventional

* Elite sport aspirations - Block

* Advanced movement/ fitness aspirations - Block

* No specific goal or timeline - Conventional

So now you've picked which way you're heading, here's some important details about what works well with what:


1. Alactic (sprint training)

2. Strength endurance (aerobic - rule of thumb = over 2mins)

3. Hypertrophy - Nb, only if done after


1. Strength endurance (30sec-2mins)

2. Aerobic restoration (see FAT LOSS post)

SPEED (alactic):

1. Aerobic endurance

2. explosive strength

3. Aerobic restoration


1. Mobility work

2. Aerobic restoration


1. Anything can be done after technique session

Rip in freaks!

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