How to become a fat burning machine

Are you keen to become a Fat Burning Machine?

Body composition is an important element of health and performance. Unfortunately some people focus on it solely to the detriment of function and health, which are two of the key elements to altering and maintaining a desired body composition. Even more unfortunately, 66% of Australians don't focus on it at all. We think it needs to be a talking point and a catalyst for motivation and inspiration, but not without education.

It's our desire to bring contextual topics to the fore to be discussed and challenged in the hope that we all continue along our own paths to wherever it is that we are going. Body composition manipulation is multifaceted and includes NUTRITION, TRAINING, MINDFULNESS, RESTORATION, FUNCTIONAL ADAPTATION and many more. We are of the opinion that your weak link in this process will be the limiting factor in you acquiring your goals. Allow us to introduce an element to body composition control that we think is really important but often overlooked...

Training for weight loss can be divided into two categories: active and passive. Active is where you break down usable energy at the time of training and in the restoration phase from that session - and Passive is where you alter you entire "machinery" to be a highly tuned fat burner around the clock. One needs both, period. The main issue here is that people fall in between the cracks of the two different modalities and therefore never develop either to their full potential.

Active fat burning needs to be in the vicinity of 60 to 90 minutes of steady state aerobic work, not 30 minutes like the AMA suggests. It needs to be this long because you need to deplete your glycogen stores first (this takes time) and then you need to alter your mitochondrial density (the bit in your cell that turns fat into ATP, which is the energy currency of the body) and start to use lipids (fat) as fuel which only occurs under these lengthy conditions. The more time you spend under these conditions, the more fat you burn, plus the greater the mitochondrial density you'll develop, making you more effective at burning fat the next time, passively.

Passive fat burning hijacks effective active burning state but then can be embellished with neural development such as strength training, particularly maximum strength training (low reps, high weight, full recovery between sets) and other HIT modalities like anaerobic threshold work which is gaining popularity in gyms like F45 and in many "WODS" in CrossFit affiliates.

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