Fat Soluble Vitamins

fat soluble vitamins

We reckon you should eat plenty of fat. Why?... Fat soluble vitamins make us more resilient, promote performance, enhance growth, speed up recovery, and have a huge impact on the cellular function of your body! Sounds pretty good right? To get our FSV's, we target wild caught fish, pastured meats and fresh, organic produce. Check out where to source the specific vitamins below, its simpler than you might think!

Vitamin A: It will have you seeing in the dark, improve your sex life, fight oxidation, and improve your ability to heal (so you pretty much turn in to Spiderman). You can find it in animal liver, cod liver oil, bee pollen, cayenne pepper and yellow fruits.

Vitamin D: It is essential for bone growth and tooth function, it reduces high blood pressure, fights cancer and helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Sunshine is where you’ll get your best source. You will also find it in pork fat (Bacon!! Well sourced of course), egg yolk, fish liver oils and sweet potato.

Vitamin E: If you want to keep your youthful good looks while still placing huge training loads of stress on your body, then you’ll want to get stuck in to Vitamin E! It’s an antioxidant, critical for brain and nerve function, and it will make you heal faster. Vitamin E is in soybean (non GMO for us), kale and egg.

Vitamin F: Very important for growth. It helps the immune system, promotes balanced hormones, and is crucial for healthy cell membranes. Bee pollen, avocado, garlic, ginger, nuts, root vegetables and licorice root will all provide you with vitamin F.

Vitamin K and Vitamin K2: These seriously matter for maintaining bone mineral density (no one wants to leach bone health due to training hard on a poor diet), its critical in bone and cartilage formation, and also is essential for the prevention of blood clotting.

Vitamin K2 is also known for healing hardened arteries. You can find Vitamin K in dark leafy greens, soybean, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts. K2 is typically found in animal protein sources such as grass fed beef.


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