The link between Flow, Movement and Injury Prevention!

If you're interested in nutrition and movement, chances are you are like us and really enjoy committing yourself to something or a number of things to your utmost? When training, nothing is more liberating and enjoyable as when you're right in the zone or "flow". The enjoyment you gain from this is called autotelic enjoyment, the inherent enjoyment from doing something that's really bloody hard and matching it with an epic, fluid and hardcore skill set (including your mental skill set) FLOW is 50 posts to itself, so instead we want to touch upon an element to physical liberation and injury prevention that can help you get to a physical place where flow might be experienced... might.

Movement economy describes the ability to move with minimal inherent resistance. This is essential in all expressions of movement - power, grace, lithe-liness, fluidity, rhythm, explosion and gut wrenching endurance - or a combination of all of these! It is where tissue dances between the 3 Dimensional "slings" of fascia and muscles that make up the integrity and dynamic nature of the human body! The absolute ability to concentrically load in opposition to a willing, yet stabilising eccentric load of an antagonist with speed and range! This is where it's at!

You can train this. A conscientious addressing of all forms of movement in balance and harmony will lead you to a place where you will notice the smallest changes in "Drive" power with micro improvements in mobility and joint proprioception, or the increased range you get in your hamstrings with an effective eccentric loading of your Psoas, or the improvement in endurance after a block of maximum strength improving your contractility (neural) speed and efficiency to recruit an appropriate number of muscle fibres!

We get more questions every day about different training disciplines and always asses function and movement economy before moving onto any of the more involved modalities.

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