Our Top Health Hacks - we're sharing the secrets we use with our clients

Lately it seems we’ve provided this information individually to patients, clients and athletes, so we thought we’d put together the few unchanging (regardless of circumstances) ingredients to living a super healthy life for all to see, ponder over, question and if applicable, adopt!

The basic premise of everything we do stems from a good understanding of neurology and an increasing understanding of quantum biology and epigenetics while being influenced by common sense, fun and practicality. In short, it’s about making ourselves, and you, as healthy and happy as possible. The reason for that wordy blurb just then is to ensure you know we are not trying to tackle a deep, complex problem, with superficial solutions. Not cool, Western World! So, lets roll...

Who will benefit from this? Everyone who suffers from neolithic disease, that’s modern world caused health disfunction (we don’t like the word disease for some of these, but at the same time we also don’t like sick people thinking they’re “normal” and therefore healthy, so to be clear, normal is terribly unwell these days. period.) like diabetes, being overweight, sleeping poorly, cancer, GIT disfunction and all it’s cascading problems, biomechanical injuries and musculoskeletal soreness, endocrine disorders and mental illness to name a few. The funny thing is that the following hacks equally help elite athletes who, despite athletic appearances, are often, unless well informed, careering towards a shortened lifespan from their oxidative stress and shortened telomeres. So, almost everyone it seems will benefit from these hacks. We have structured them in order of deepest and weirdest, to more common so if you get a bit thrown in the first paragraph keep reading.

1. Sort your most primitive elements out first. Too often our health care deals with downstream symptoms with “bandaid” solutions. You don’t have to fall into that procession, information is plentiful these days. How often have you heard about making sure you’re in sync with the Earth’s magnetic field? Not often, and you won’t too much here because there are better resources for this than us. The take home message though is, stop spending tons of cash and energy dealing with symptoms until you’re at least aware of big picture elements, like electromagnetism’s influence on life forms. We recommend Robert O’Becker’s work on this topic.

The good news for the coastal folks is that a quick swim in the ocean will reset your affinity with this force. This is due to the ocean being the best conduit for electron flow that we know about. If you're interested, check Jack Kruse’s work on Einsteins theory of relativity and energy production in people for more info... https://www.jackkruse.com/energy-epigenetics-10-quantum-pu…/

We swim 2x per day for this reset. Another great way if that’s not available for you is to have an ice bath or at the very least a long cold shower. This Cold Thermogenesis will rip you up and re-sync you with the electromagnetic force of the world as, in short, it suspends the cascade of faulty processes self governing themselves in your body at that time, like faulty feedback loop ghrelin telling fat people to eat carbs at 3.30pm. It also triggers this insanely cool set of epigenetic markers that have been with us evolutionarily, this process is called cold adaptation (Jack Kruse - https://www.jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-5-biologic-ma…/). Considering our ability to regulate our environments nowadays is unprecedented, it’s not a long bow to draw that we’re missing out on some big pieces of the jigsaw puzzle by not having a hormetic interaction with our natural world.

SLEEP when you’re meant to. Light sensitivity accounts for about 40% of neural feedback for biologic functions, so staying up late with artificial light diminishes your ability to regulate anything else downstream effectively. Sleep when it’s dark and utilise the day effectively to implement these hacks, live your life and be super healthy and happy while doing it.

EATING WHEN IT IS LIGHT is also critical, but harder to implement we agree. Your body’s biochemical messenger system really cares about this nearly as much as what you’re eating so heed it if you wish to maximise your potential.

This means eating as soon as you wake up as well (you’ll see what in the later sections). We often use our AMPK Blend to prop us a "fat smoothie" made from avocado, Udo's Oil, coconut flesh, an egg and other things.

We guess this also leads into GETTING AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE for as long as possible. This includes computers and TV’s as well. Spend some time away from them, it’s probably a good thing mentally as well as quantum biologically.

2. What you eat is seriously important. You don’t ever really feel the ill effects of poor nutrition choices (unless you’ve been conducting yourself well for a long time) so it’s hard to see why you shouldn’t eat that burger with trans-fats laced through it, meat that is up to it’s eyeballs in inflammatory grains and sauce that has colouring, flavouring and preservatives in it. But, here’s something to chew on...

You are who you are because of your genetic expression! Not your genes, but how your genes have played their hand, or more correctly, how you’ve played your genetic hand. This process is called epigenetics and governs everything about you from your appearance to whether your genetic predisposition to cancer is allowed to surface. Epigenetic variation can be modified by nutritional interventions to improve health outcomes (Burdge et al 2012).

FOOD GOVERNS 95% of your epigenetic processes (Kruse). So it’s really important to eat ORGANIC/BIODYNAMIC (if it’s verifiable and traceable - there is a big market for organic now so be scrupulous about your sourcing, big businesses are profit driven, not your epigenetic health driven) and ELECTRON DENSE (this is the name of the game with energy and metabolic health).

At TRH we recommend a diet rich in FAT, PROTEIN and PHYTONUTRIENTS. We supplement that with FERMENTED foods for Vitamin K2 and bacterial support of the GIT.

We like CARBOHYDRATES of a specific phytonutrient crossover only and don’t support processed carbs at all, unless you’ve JUST TRAINED and it's glucose immediately after or you’re preparing for a glycogen dominant event (short term glycogen loading of FOOD of 2 days max). As we’ve said before, even despite the ulterior pathways for energy production capable by the body, we support the notion that COH is important in beta oxidation of FFA (free fatty acids) in endurance events so eat your veggies, Athletes!

This combination of the Cold Thermogenesis from the first point and eating appropriately will reset your LEPTIN SENSITIVITY, a master hormone that regulates, it seems, everything in the body hormonally and biochemically. If you’re interested in this topic read Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards.

3. Use polarity training. We have another blog on this topic so if you’re unsure of what it is and what it can offer you, check it out.

4. Employ a MINDFULNESS element in your day. This is critical. You can change your epigenetics with thoughts. We know this. We also know you can create plastic, positive changes in your brain from meditation. We also believe that you can augment even the most Western of pursuits with the same philosophical concepts that these readings and practises have to offer. Get around it.

Train hard. Treat yourself well and be happy with the processes you implement.