Micronutrient Dosage - how much, how many & how often

Whats the best amount of a certain something that I should take? Or, there's so much out there, whats the BEST thing for me to take? These are really common questions... the answer is not always offered because it's complex. Here's our take on a short answer for you.

Nutrient to Nutrient interactions:

Firstly - we don't know how much we don't know about this topic... but we know that it's highly complex biochemistry in it's own right, let alone then working out what affect that has on tissue or DNA in our systems, both universally and then personally! Our blends, as we've touted before, have attempted to group together synergistically operating nutrients to maximise the rebalancing or restoration of your body. It's horribly simplistic to be reading macronutrients on the back of packets and deciding whether or not this is what your body needs. It's about balancing the micronutrients to stabilise the functions of the body. Think of training as a destabiliser and the time when it comes back to balance as restoration. Beware though, too much of a good thing can be detrimental too - we're talking specifically about micronutrients here as well.

The Red Hippo's blends are a complex, thoughtful blend of ingredients designed to have specific and multiplicative restorative effects on your body. We have achieved this through a solid (yet ever increasing) understanding of this principle, as much research as has been published on the matter and anecdotal, open testing on ourselves and others who share a common passion for nutritional excellence. Is it right for every person? No, that is simply impossible - there's genotype specificity that can never be accommodated for in a broad product. Is it the best balancing nutritional product specifically for post athletic exertion? Yes, we think it may well be. Like we said, we are constantly learning and adapting this product. If you think you can help, fire away. If you want to jump on board and enjoy the ride, head to our website and have a read.

We hope this helps and shoot through any questions you have. The more conversation the better we say!