How well do you know the supplement industry?

FACT: A cease and desist order was handed out from the Attorney General’s office to major supplement retailers in the US. The Attorney General’s office found that 5 out of 6 ingredients were “either unrecognizable, or a substance other than what they claimed to be”. This was DNA testing by the way, not quality testing or baseline testing. Furthermore, 45% of the matter found wasn’t even plant matter, which is what they were testing for and what was claimed to be in the product.

These are quite possibly supplements that you or we have tried in the past, so finding this out was a major wakeup call for us. It means that there is a chance that what is said to be in the packet, isn’t necessarily what’s in the packet, and that’s not cool. After finding this out, we did a little further digging and unfortunately, we found more damming research about our industry.

Anthony Roberts published a blog sharing information that a team from Stockton College found that none of the tested protein brands had anywhere near the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), the primary constituent of supplementary protein, content that their label said. This doesn’t sound as bad; however, it begs the question of what ingredient was filling in for the missing BCAA’s?

After finding out about both these pieces of research, it left us wondering, well if you can't trust the sourcing, you can’t trust the ingredient quality, you can’t trust the ingredient list, and you can’t even trust the amounts of ingredients that do make the list, where can we trust?

From our experience within this unregulated industry, in combination with finding out about unidentified matter in products and misrepresented ingredient doses in supplements, we feel the industry is a real mess. There is only one way out of this mess, and it’s the bases of how we built our blends. In response to an unstable and unsafe industry, all our products are:

-       100% ingredient traceability
-       No proprietary blends
-       No inactive ingredients
-       No toxins or fillers

This means that you’re able to see where we source each ingredient from, we can provide the company’s Certificate of Authenticity for each ingredient, and we can also provide the nutrient panel for each ingredient. By promising no proprietary blends, we are promising no secret, special ingredient lists and no unidentifiable matter. No inactive ingredients (these are listed separately to the product ‘ingredients’ on most products), means your body doesn’t have to worry about the sneaky, extra toxic overload of unnecessary flavours and fillers.

And, the biggest guarantee that we can provide is the assurance that we are willing to take our own supplements. We designed these products for ourselves and our families. Call us old-school, but we feel better providing you with products that add value and meaning to our lives, not just the pocket of an investor.

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