Alessandro gnecchi

Italian kayaker

As a top athlete I would like to get the best from anything I do. I believe that we are what we eat, so I try to eat the best quality foods. Since the first time I used Red Hippo I've immediately understood that is simply made up from nature and raw food. After training it is perfect for recovery and get ready for the next session. Guys from Red Hippo team are top athletes, good friends and a big source of knowledge and they know what athletes look for. They found it, without using chemicals and "junkie" ingredients. I trust in Red Hippo philosophy and the quality of their products, because they firstly care to make healthy, safe and natural supplements! Good job guys!



We support our training with whole foods, and when we found Red Hippo we were stoked. When we saw what the ingredients were in their blends we knew it was for us. We have recently started including Red Hippo in to our daily nutrition and recovery protocols and have found a significance increase in our recovery time from session to session, as well as feeling brighter when we wake up. Also, the blends taste better than they read which is nice to know you're seamlessly nailing heaps of healthy stuff. Training a couple of hours a day everyday makes recovery really important for us. We love working with the Red Hippo boys and highly recommend their products.




As a young Hippo I take Red Hippo because I know and trust the product. I see the Red Hippo blends as a raw and correctly sourced stand alone product. I am a student in year 10 and I kayak at a high level. I train 8-10 session per week, Red Hippo plays an essential role in my schedule and recovery. The guys at Red Hippo are elite athletes making the perfect athlete pre and post workout blends.

Matty Abel
DBA RUnners

Ultra-marathon Runner & world record holder

As an athlete you are always looking to improve your performance and overall results. To date I have had some outstanding results but in 2015 I really want to take this to another level and knew my nutrition was lagging. I did some extensive research and came across Red Hippo, these guys blew my mind with not only their knowledge, but also their products. Over the past two months I have been using their Athlete Blend and have seen my recovery and performance improve immensely. Their product has everything the body needs & my body is feeling the benefits. Thanks Red Hippo for producing a product I know works.


ora cafe manly
Alex Johnson

real food cafe

It didn't take much for me to start using Red Hippo, it was just a matter of reading the ingredients (which is what I do when it comes to things in packets) and I was sold. For me, a big part of health is what you put into your body to support your lifestyle, so why would consume things that are numbers and man-made ingredients? I know what all the ingredients are on the back of the Red Hippo packet and the list goes on to explain why each ingredient is in there and what it does. Traceability and transparency, its all there and it doesn't get much better than that, that's why we use Red Hippo products at Ora, because they're real, they're honest, they support the body and they're made by good people. 




Mindfulmooves is a new approach to meditation that blends modern mindfulness practices with traditional movement patterns. It trains your attention in the same way that mindfulness training does, but the added benefit is that the physical moves help you to easily bring your attention back to your body and breath. Founder, Melo Calarco, has over 30 years experience in the field and has been a mentor in the mindfulness practices to one of our own founders, Mitch.

Charlotte van veenendaal

australian Sprinter

I have always had a hard time finding a protein supplement which was made from all natural, high quality ingredients and was able to support my recovery through my high volume of training. Since starting on Red Hippo I have had notable gains in my strength and ability to recover and back up high intensity workouts. Not only does it aid my recovery but i have found the athlete blend to be very easy to drink post workout, in the past I would struggle to stomach any protein supplements but I have not had any of these problems with the blend. The boys at Red Hippo are not only highly supportive but their wealth of knowledge of elite sport and nutrition along with their willingness to research and seek out the best quality ingredients makes for a very special and rare combination. I am extremely excited about the future of Red Hippo and feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be involved with this group of hardworking, honest and knowledgable individuals




As a young athlete and training up to 10 times a week, I want to be sure that I will be putting the best recovery drink into my body. The reason I have chosen Red Hippo is because I know that it is made up of fresh, clean, quality ingredients and is not processed or has any chemical added like many other recovery drinks. Also, after my first couple of weeks of having Red Hippo, I could definitely feel the difference, I felt healthier and noticed my recovery time was much quicker and I woke the next day from training feeling recovered, fresh and ready to get back in to my next training session.



After achieving great results from The Red Hippo's 'Athlete' blend, the Red Hippo Team suggested that in the build up to competition/race day for the Spartan Beast I trial the new 'Maintenance' blend which is coinciding with a slight decrease in training intensity as well as a period of far more strict nutritional intake. At this stage, I have been using the maintenance blend for over 4 weeks and have experienced results beyond expectation in terms of body composition, energy levels and recovery periods. Even with decreased training intensity and frequency, supplementing with the maintenance blend has allowed me to drop a further 2.5kg closer to race weight while still maintaining muscle mass. The blend also gave me significant improvements in digestive function and generally healthier guts. The maintenance blend has also had outstanding effects on energy production and energy levels particularly noticeable in training and exercise. I have noticed a change in energy system function and a feeling of clean, sustainable energy since supplementing with the blend.



everyday athlete

The Red Hippo Maintenance Blend is my go-to product for daily boost of nutrients and a hit of protein. For days where I'm not hitting the gym too hard, I take a scoop of this blend and know that I am filling my body with top quality ingredients that are designed to maintain all bodily functions. I add the blend to my daily smoothie and it tastes great. I love knowing that I am getting my dose of greens, complete protein, and a heap of other key nutrients aimed at maintenance all in this one blend. I can take this blend when I am having a day off training, when I'm having a recovery day or doing yoga, or when i'm still hitting the gym, it's really and all-in-one. It's so hard to find a protein and maintenance blend that doesn't contain fillers, artificial colourings, or artificial flavours, but that also tastes great and does the job, so I am stoked to have found this blend as it truly works.

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