We welcome fellow health warriors to the opportunity of becoming a Red Hippo Affiliate.

If you have a website, blog or social media platform with an engaged audience, and share the Red Hippo philosophy and beliefs, we'd love to have you on board as a Red Hippo Affiliate, where you can earn a commission by promoting, talking about or, in some cases, just mentioning, Red Hippo products.



The first step to becoming a Red Hippo Affiliate and earning commissions is to apply using the form below.

Once you're approved, you'll receive an email providing you with your Red Hippo Affiliate code which you can add to text or images as a hypertext link on your website, blog or social media platform.

In that same email, you'll also be invited to sign up to Tapfiliate which will help you track all the commissions owed to you.

What Commission Do We Pay?

Yes! Let's go straight to the big question. We pay $10 on every sale made via your link. So if one of your readers clicks on the link, it takes them through to our online store. If they make a purchase, you receive $10 for that sale. We pay all commissions within 3 working days to your Paypal or bank account.

Why Become A Red Hippo Affiliate?

  • Red Hippo provides genuinely great products that do everything they claim.
  • We will look after your customers/followers with an excellent product, on-time delivery and awesome customer service.
  • We pay an attractive commission of $10 per sale into your Paypal or bank account.
  • Our affiliate link has a whopping 12 month shelf life so affiliates can benefit from commissions long after they write a post, link a picture or list the product on their website.
  • We use Tapfiliate, one of the most reputable cloud-based affiliate tracking software available, allowing us to track and pay commissions to our affiliates fast and efficiently.

Who Are Red Hippo’s Affiliates?

The ideal Red Hippo Affiliate is someone who:

  • Has a similar philosophy to ours in terms of health, transparency and commitment to wellbeing via a natural, synergistic approach
  • Has a legitimate platform for promoting Red Hippo (eg. website, blog, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Has a substantial and engaged following on their chosen platform/s
  • Uses and genuinely loves our products
  • Is prepared to promote Red Hippo regularly, in the context of genuine content, when they feel it is appropriate (ie. not to spam or flood their audience!)

We look forward to welcoming you as a Red Hippo Affiliate.

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