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science, wholefoods, passion & integrity

We believe that building great supplements is simple. We combine the power of natural, whole foods with the sophistication of scientific research to create supplements that genuinely work.

The Red Hippo was born from our own desire to have traceable, non-gmo, natural and refined sugar free supplements to support our athletic pursuits and holistic lifestyles. Due to the amount of scandals and propriatory blends within the supplement industry, we didn't feel we could trust what we were taking to support our bodies. So, we decided to make our own blends!

We kept it incredibly straight foward with our blend objectives, spent an immense amount of time researching the most effective ingredients, and experiemented over time to discover the ultimate ingredients combinations. This brings us to our nine core elements that differentiate us from the industry...

1. Synergistic ingredient lists - every ingredient in each blend is designed to work together with the other ingredients. The individual ingredients combined are more effective than the stand alone ingredients.

2. Effective ingredient doses - every ingredient amount in each serve is based off the recomeded daily nutrieint dosage. This means that your body will register each ingredient you ingest and the desired effect of that ingredient will take place.

3. Backed by research - every ingredient in every blend serves a specific purpose and is backed by a significant amount of research to supports its efficacy.

4. Traceability - all of our ingredients are traceable to source from which we buy them. We are the only company in the world providing our sourcing list. We believe that if you are putting something in your body, you deserve to know where it came from.

5. No fillers/chemicals/toxins - we don't use any ingredients that won't benefit your wellbeing and help you achieve your goals.

6. No propriatory blends - you deserve to know what you're taking, where it's coming from and how we use it. We believe this should be a basic human right when buying products.

7. Non-GMO - we avoid using any ingredients that are gentically modified. Until we know what the long term health implications of genetically modified foods are, we aren't willing to gamble our health on them.

8. Whole food based - where possible we only use whole food ingredients. We believe that mother nature has provided us with the most abundant and powerful pantry, and we use food the way nature intended in every blend.

9. No compromises - we don't cut corners. Where ever possible we source ingredients that are Australian, organic and of the highest quality.

These differentiators have created the foundations on which The Red Hippo is built upon. We are three best mates from Sydney's Nothern Beaches who believe in the power of community and the empowerment of individuals so that they can make educated decisions to benefit their own health and lifestyle. The Red Hippo is the first supplement company in the world to be 100% transparent with the customers and we are very proud to hold that flag.


meet the team

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Ryan's search for high performance started early with competitive sports to overcome childhood illness. Through a pursuit in elite sports Ryan discovered that peak physical performance can only be achieved if it's supported by high quantities of mental, emotional and spiritual practice. This realisation lead to a lifestyle immersed in learning from great teachers, university, travel and self inquiry.

As a health, wellbeing and personal transformation coach, Ryan spends his time coaching inspired individuals to reach their physical, wellness and lifestyle goals. Through his direct experience with exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual edges, Ryan uses the science of transformation based yoga, strength and movement protocols and nature to help people unearth and express their highest level of health, performance and human expression to live a self inspiring life they love.


Nick’s passion is to help people bridge the gap between the research world and the practical world. From a formal scientific background (Ms Chiropractic, Bsc Science) with published papers, presenting and research experience he is well placed to help navigate and decipher the latest research for people interested in health and related topics. He merges that world with the movement world owning a functional rehabilitation clinic and an education company to keep spreading the word about the importance of smart movement and smart nutrition. He walks what he talks and boasts that there isn’t one thing he prescribes that he doesn’t do himself. He has represented Australia in Kayaking and enjoys all aspects of sport performance, prehab, nutrition and mindfulness. Nick brings the scientific support to our products and along with the other guys enjoys simple and natural ways of being the best he can be. 



Mitch began his health and wellness journey through competitive surfing and martial arts. After illness and injury he turned to yoga, science, diet, lifestyle and alternate practices to rebuild and improve the foundations of his health, thinking, genetic expression and awareness. He has found that the use of natural environment, quality foods, traditional practices mixed with current research can create the space for huge change and improvement in health and quality of life. Mitch has worked individually with people for the past 8 years as a wellness practitioner. He has completed a traditional 5 year apprenticeship as an uchi-deshi in eastern medicine and yoga.